Dating customs in kazakhstan

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Dating customs in kazakhstan

Training a golden eagle is a rare and painstaking art. «Korimdyk» is given for people or animals; «baygazy» for new thing or other subjects.

The bird just caught (photo at left) is being slowly trained to its master (a berkutchi). Konakkade«Konakkade» (konak means guest; kade means gift).

The man training the bird doesn't sleep for several nights with the bird being subjected to similar discomfort. The owner of the house has the right to ask his guest to fulfill «Konakkade», for example to sing a song, etc.

First, the bird must take food (pieces of raw meat) from its master's hand only. Kazakhs from the early age teach their children the eloquence, play different music instruments, to sing, to make poems.

Kazakhstany sense of space is somewhat different than in the West.

They are less concerned about the space around them, which could be explained historically.

According to oriental (Kazakh) traditions you are expected to ask questions not related to business first. Kazakhstanies have a fine sense of humour and they like cracking jokes and telling anecdotes all the time.

Steal the bride This is the first step of Kazakh wedding. Normally girl’s parents can not take their daughter back, because from the moment when she entered man’s house, she unofficially becomes his wife.

In the Soviet times there were shortages of practically everything: living accommodations, food products, household items, which in turn led to lines or even disorganised crowds of people struggling to get hold of them.

People just could not afford more space or more privacy in conditions where a few families of several generations had to co-exist in communal apartments.

This food is prepared and given by children, neighbours, relatives. A person that did not give «konakasy» was fined (the fine was a horse or camel).

This custom is the example of care for parents and aged people. «Bes zhaksy» was gifted to the most respected people.

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When the eagle gets used to the hunter, its horse and its dog, it undergoes the next phase of training: first it "hunts" stuffed foxes and only after mastering that will it then proceed with real hunting. «Konakkade» is the test of a guest in arts, it is also the reason of merry celebration.

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