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Any violation of the CDWA is subject to the enforcement provisions of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. 531, 545 (1994) (“a fair and proper price, or a ‘reasonably equivalent value’ for foreclosed property, is the price in fact received at the foreclosure sale, so long as all the requirements of the State’s foreclosure law have been complied with.”). The text of the notice is set forth in the CDWA, and the notice is required to be in type no smaller than bold-faced 10-point type. These sets of facts are (i) that the same problem has been the subject of three or more attempts to repair it by the manufacturer; (ii) that a serious safety defect has been the subject of one or more attempts to repair it by the manufacturer and it continues to exist; or (iii) that the motor vehicle is out of service due to repair for a cumulative total of 30 calendar days. The Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act (VMVWEA) provides that a good faith motor vehicle warranty complaint made by a consumer within the lemon law rights period should be resolved by the manufacturer or its agent within that period. A person transferring title to a motor vehicle must certify on the title either the cumulative mileage registered on the odometer or that the mileage is unknown. The Comparison Price Advertising Act (CPAA) prohibits advertising a former price unless there is veracity demonstrated by the following: (i) the date of the former price is also stated in the advertisement; (ii) substantial sales of the item in the normal course of business were made at the advertised former price; or (iii) the former price that is advertised is based on the cost to the supplier plus the ordinary markup. Her Magnuson-Moss claim survived a motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction in federal court even though she had paid only ,235.85 for the car, because she had also filed a fraud claim seeking 0,000 in damages and the fraud claim met the requirement for federal diversity jurisdiction. a disgruntled car purchaser who resided in the District of Columbia sued a Virginia car dealership that sold her an allegedly new car when, in fact, the car was used and had been severely damaged.

The statute also provides for verifying the mileage in cases of a lienholder possessing the title, a lost title, and the use of secure powers of attorney.

No Duty to Elect Between Remedies when also Suing for Fraud D. the court held that even though a car buyer had signed a buyer’s order containing an agreement to submit all claims related to the sale of the car to binding arbitration and all the car buyer’s other claims were stayed pending binding arbitration, the car buyer’s claim under Magnuson-Moss was not subject to stay because Magnuson-Moss, even though it encourages informal dispute settlement mechanisms, preserved the car buyer’s right to have his dispute decided in a judicial forum.

If the fraud claim had not met the federal diversity jurisdiction amount, the court noted in dicta that the plaintiff could not have aggregated her state claims to meet the Magnuson-Moss amount in controversy.

A consumer may bring suit in federal court under Magnuson-Moss if the amount in controversy exceeds ,000 or where supplemental jurisdiction is properly exercised under 28 U. Nor can attorney fees and costs be used to satisfy the jurisdictional amount.

If the consumer properly reports a nonconformity under applicable warranties during the lemon law rights period, and the manufacturer or its agent does not conform the vehicle to the applicable warranties within that period (or applicable extensions), the consumer may seek either a refund or a replacement. the court held that where the claim under Magnuson-Moss is less than ,000, the damages sought in the pending related state claims cannot be added to meet the ,000 federal jurisdiction threshold.

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