Dating a reed organ

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After he showed his friends his idea, he realized that there was tremendous demand for his invention.

Conn then began to contemplate manufacturing his new mouthpiece. 26 July 1881), a brass instrument maker and designer and a former employee of Henry Distin of London.

Colonel Conn also served as Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Regiment of Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, and was re-elected many times as Commander of the local G. There are three existing stories of how this occurred, but the popularly accepted version is that Del Crampton slugged him in the mouth outside a saloon where both of them had been drinking.

Conn's upper lip was severely lacerated, and it pained him so to play his cornet that he thought his playing days were over.

I was driving southbound between Key Largo and Marathon on US One in the Fl Keys playing the Allman Bros In Memory of Elizabeth Reed I received a phone call the caller said he had the wrong number I checked the caller ID and it said Elizabeth Reed. He admitted that he was having an affair with a married woman at the time and on one of their trysts, they made love in a cemetary.

Holy moses, Allman and Betts' guitar weaving sound transcendent on Elizabeth Reed! Just been reading "Midnight Riders" the history of the band. Listen to the chorus - its the same as the intro to Liz Reed only in a major key. I clocked the distance from one to the other and it was 2 tenths of a mile. I saw Betts when he gave a presentation at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few years ago and he talked about this song.

In 1969 the company was sold in bankruptcy to the Crowell-Collier-Mac Millan publishing company. In 1850 he accompanied his family to Three Rivers, Michigan and in the following year to Elkhart, Indiana.

He needed a rim with a groove which the rubber cement would adhere to more easily. In January 1876, Conn joined with Dupont under the name of Conn & Dupont, and Dupont created Conn's first instrument, the Four-in-One cornet, with crooks allowing the horn to be played in the keys of E♭, C, B♭, and A.

It was in 1874 when Conn converted a discarded sewing machine frame into a simple lathe and started to turn out his mouthpieces and was soon in full production (Subsequently, Conn and Del Crampton became best of friends, and when Conn embarked on his political career, he was a staunch advocate of temperance). By 1877, Conn's business had outgrown the back of his grocery store, and he purchased an idle factory building on the corner of Elkhart Avenue and East Jackson.

He wrote this song for that woman but, for obvious reasons, couldn't name it after her so he took Elizabeth Reed's name from a nearby tombstone.

That was straight from the Allman Bros mouth so the story is true! with her daughter to do a report on the colonial states and their settlers! Mike BUY THE REMASTERED ALBUM FILLMOR EAST; THE NOTESJUMP OFF THE CD; NOONE EVER TALKS ABOUT DUANE'SSESSION WORK; BY THE WAY HE WAS VOTED THE SECOND BEST GUITARIST OF ALLTIME BEHIND HENDRIX AS PERROLLING STONE MAGAZINE; BETTS IS A UNDERRATEDGUITAR PLAYER; EAT A PEACH FOR PEACEHere is a weird fact that I read today: There was an Elizabeth Reed in Palestine, Illinois, who in 1845 was hung for having poisoned her husband by placing Arsenic in his tea. Oakley took parts from Duane's wrecked bike and incorporated them into his.

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However, I fell in love with Mountain Jam on Sirius/XM, so I downloaded the Live at Fillmore East album on itunes. There's some kind of energy at that place that I can't quite describe. I'd have thought everyone contributing to this thread would be aware of get a copy of this song Oh Why Not Tonight, a hymn popular in Churches of Christ (in which Dicky Betts grew up in Bradenton FL. I was actually in Macon this past weekend and visited the gravesite of Duane and Berry (they have a great view of the Ocmulgee River), along with checking out their first house (it is all boarded up now)and the locations of their deaths.

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