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If your suitor does not respect your moral standards even after you have warned him, either you will eventually give in or the relationship will eventually fail. You do not have to drag your mother along, but keep to public places.

If your potential suitor wishes to talk privately, discussion can take place in a restaurant booth.

Along with my own personal experience in life, these unhappy relationships have taught me a thing or two about what constitutes unhealthy teenage dating behaviour, as well as what type of courtship leads to healthy marriages.

Allow me to share this advice with teenagers and parents whose teenagers are of courting age. This will seem like rather strange advice, given the fact this reflection is about teenage dating.

Furthermore, dating often poses moral hazards for which many teenagers are unprepared.

In this feature, Pete Vere offers some practical advice for teen dating.

I often witness relationships fail because the couple is romantically involved before they get the chance to know one another.

Be an individual, and learn to say no in awkward situations.

No pornography If your potential suitor is into pornography, either he ditches it or you ditch him.

If your potential suitor wants to go somewhere quiet with you, find a nice concert hall or museum.

You can talk privately and spend quiet time together in these places, because the people around you will not notice when you do exactly that — spend quiet time together and talk privately.

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What do I suggest to teenagers as a substitute for dating?