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"I don't think people want to change their dating habits.

It's better to mimic what you have in real life and improve on that instead of forcing people into behaviors that aren't natural."Though Alexa said he's not sure how to eliminate the unease with online dating altogether — his girlfriend asked him not to share their use for this reason — he has hired student ambassadors to normalize the website on campuses nationwide.

Dating conventionally has always appealed to her, but Duren said she recognizes online dating as a possible alternative for people who have trouble meeting others.

Spark Networks owns and operates 26 separate personals communities, including, said spokeswoman Gail Laguna.

Others have been created by students such as Michael Mason, who saw a need and decided to fill it.

Most, though not all, charge a fee.“It used to be that no one wanted to tell their friends they met someone online,” says Mason, a North Carolina State sophomore who started Campus three months ago.

includes profile searching options so that users can seek people they would be interested in meeting others, according to its homepage.

Members can also “screen” potential dates so they don’t end up meeting people that don’t interest them.

The duo launched i Phone, i Pad and Android applications last month."Here you are comfortable immediately," Alexa said. She is embarrassed by their virtual introduction; he created the platform for it.Co-founder of Date My, Alexa built the dating website in 2010 with Jean Meyer for peers at Columbia University where they attended business school.“That stigma still exists, but I think it’s really starting to fade.”Jonathan Monsarrat, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, went smaller scale, creating a free temporary site that helped students and recent graduates from MIT, Harvard and Wellesley find dates for Valentine’s Day. Online matchmaking for college students is part of an overall trend in which new sites are being created to help people with similar backgrounds or interests find one another.They include everything from, a site for fans of indie and hardcore music, to Mera, a matchmaking site for people of South Asian descent.“This is the way they’re brought up; it’s not something they think about,” says Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, an Israeli philosophy professor who’s about to release the book, “Love Online: Emotions on the Internet.”He says he was glad the site included graduate students and alumni.“Something told me that trying to chase down that undergrad was simply not exactly going to be a high-percentage shot,” says Ali, a product manager for a biotech company who recently turned 30.“The blind dates I’ve gone on were some of the worst,” agrees Darryl Cascanette, who – after having no luck while in college – decided to try the “college connection” service at not long after he’d graduated from the University of Ottawa in Canada.

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Those who don't match these criteria don't show up in results, Alexa said.