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I’m not saying that I need others to ride in like white knights to save me from the randoms on the internet, but navigating these situations becomes so much easier when you know people have your back.

After a stream I did that had a wealth of particularly vile comments, I felt defeated, went home, didn’t talk about it.

They’re tweets—less than 250 characters total, but this meant the world to me.Also see some have taken my words out of the context of the Hollywood machine.See below: AF1v P— Mayim Bialik (@missmayim) October 15, 2017She also responded to the criticism she received in a Facebook Live video. But when I’m streaming, the trolls aren’t bashing the game or my artistic abilities. Compliments like this are actually undermining and demeaning and difficult to reproach without feeling like I’m coming off like a jerk, or first explaining gender politics and then coming off like a jerk. In a perfect world, we would always be able to call people out on this kind of crap. The thing is, whether someone is saying they think I’m disgusting and look like a man, or that they think I’m pretty, they’re ignoring me as a developer in favor of talking about my physical appearance. Every female game developer I know has stories like mine, and most of us grit our teeth when it’s happening, smile, and hope that if we ignore it, it will stop.

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A lot of times their impulse is to offer advice—You should call them out! The behavior that needs to change in these situations isn’t mine.

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