Checklist on values in dating

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Us women don’t underestimate the power of an ambitious man. If I’m 9 months pregnant and two blocks from my car on a 95-degree day and suddenly go into labor, I want to know my man will drop everything and be there when I call. Have the things he’s said matched up with his behavior?

This creates trust in a relationship and no relationship can last without it. Honesty is a major part of a relationship, and without it, things fall apart very quickly.

So here are 73 Sample Values to help get you started.

But there are still times when a list of sample values can come in really handy.

[Read: 15 things women look for in a man before they even consider falling for him] #9 Does he believe in the same things as me?

This could mean faith, religion, or even whether or not you both believe in ghosts.

While most values on this list will have little or no significance to you (and some may even seem negative to you), some values will surely call to you, and you’ll feel, “Yes, this value is a part of me.” Use this values list as a guide.

It contains many synonyms but is not exhaustive, so feel free to add unlisted values to your list as well.

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