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We learned the fun of wearing kooky clothes, whereas my mother’s most rebellious garment was a yellow Horrocks frock with little black spots.

So if the idea appeals — the challenge is to find times after an afteroon siesta perhaps or a morning lie-in — other than the night when I am about as erotic as a fried egg.

Look at the internet dating sites — they’re filled with suggestions for baby boomers who are seeking romance.

Clearly, plenty of wrinklies are happy to plunge into new relationships at an age when previous generations would have found it unthinkable. Personally, I have been too scared of rejection to go down that path.

It’s not just the vigorous exercise, but the jeggings my mum would never have contemplated.

When I was younger, I did try to wear what was considered respectable but now, who cares?

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I seem to belong to the group where ‘a growing happiness’ in elders has been charted by economists In my 50s there were so many ‘is this it? If anyone thinks I appear inappropriate, they can look the other way.

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