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Because a spreadsheet file contains exactly one workbook, the files themselves are often called workbooks. A worksheet consists of a number of cells, usually arranged in a two dimensional grid made up of columns and rows.We introduce the names of the parts of sub-menu name, and a sub-menu will appear.These are stable releases which are only changed with minor improvements and fixes for problems (bugs) in the program. However, each release in this series includes changes and improvements some of which may be quite large.These releases can be considered safe for use in a production environment. These new changes may cause the program to crash and loose data.The formulas are generally entered by hand, possibly with the help of various tools.

The features of in the 1.12 series have numbers starting with 1.12 but with extra numbers afterwards, such as 1.12.0 or 1.12.3.appears as was shown in Figure 3-1 but is shown below with the major components labeled.The open application contains a menubar at the top, two toolbars below the menu bar, and below these, on the left, the object toolbar, and, on the right, the data entry area above the cell grid area which itself is above the list of worksheets and the information area.The standard toolbar provides shortcuts for the most used items in the menus.We discuss the toolbars in Section 4.4 ― Toolbars and this toolbar in particular in Section 4.4.2 ― The Standard Toolbar.

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