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Now it takesabout one month before you get your books. Shah – Atlanta Pathashala teacher and coordinator will be the prime local coordinator for the above activities for the next JAINA convention of 2015.

All your book orders require to be paidby credit card and we will not ship the book parcels to the Jain society templeaddress. The current JAB manual was frozen for any updates until YJA convention.

We have audio (mp3) files of daily pratikramans and Samvatsari pratikramans ofsome traditions.

For our English speaking youth and adults, we have also English pratikraman in text as well as in audio files.

In 5 years, more than 28,000 people have registered to use Jain elibrary and downloaded more than 300,000 Books and Articles. In order to provide some assistance to the Jain community during Paryushan and Das Laxan Parva celebration, we have searched the entire database for the following information: Paryushan Parva Das Lakshana Parva Samvatsari Day Kalpasutra Pratikraman Vidhi The copy of the search result is attached with this email in xls file format. This will help you to download the needed information easily.

We have various pratikraman information for almost all different sects of Jainism such as Swetambar, Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi, Shrimad, Kanjiswami, and Dada Bhagwan.

In this convention, Jaina Education committee distributed the following books to the attendees at free of charge.

Meghaben Doshi (Pathashala coordinator of Washington DC Jain Society – [email protected]) will prepare the final version after the approval of the changes by the Committee members.

Anish Doshi and Anjali Doshi of Chicago were the YJA JAB 2014 administrative committee members.

HUKUMCHAND BHARILL The indepth Hindi Language Jain follower of Param Pujya Gurudev Shree Kanjiswami JAINA EDUCATIONPARYUSHANA NEWS LETTER 2014 For the upcoming occasion of Paryushan Parva and Das Laxan Parva, we sincerely request for forgiveness if we may have hurt your feelingsby thoughts, words or actions, knowingly or unknowingly.

MICHCHHAMI DUKKADDAM Jaina Education and e Library Activity Report– August 2014 It has been several months passed by for Jaina Education and Jain e Library activity status report.

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You can download Word and pdf file of the current version of the JAB Manual from the following link of Jain e Library Website

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