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The issue I have is that Thunderbird eats an enormous amount of memory if I leave it running over a period of 24 hours or more.

When I try and send an email, the words in the email window (as I'm typing them) come out in spurts.

It's written to customers whose connections have reportedly been used to infringe copyright.

He complained about some companies refusing to hand over details of users alleged to have encouraged or incited terrorism, saying the companies "will ruthlessly sell our ...

Ordinary computers work by turning data into binary code: a string of 0s and 1s.

In traditional computers, that involves a series of electronic 'gates' that ...

(Source: ) Libel And Hate Speech Both Covered The law doesn't change what content is allowed and not allowed.

Instead, it says that sites must remove any content that is "obviously illegal." A prime example is ... writes: " Dear Dennis, I read with interest your article on how to shut down Mozilla Thunderbird gracefully using a series of 'taskkill' commands.

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(Source: uk ) They cited research that says using smartphones too much can mean students don't get enough sleep and pay less ...

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