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To anyone in the city this is laughable, but this is the highest-level service plan we can get in our area, and yet our allotment (by comparison most DSL providers allow 250GB/month in their Fair Access Policy).To put this in perspective, a single 150-minute Netflix movie in HD is going to suck up about 4500MB (4.5GB of data).Then you have to figure out which version of the chipset, If you’re going to use an existing router, I’ll just say that you’ll have to do some research. I ended up with the Netgear WNDR3800 and I’m really happy with it.I’ve recommended it to two other friends with a total of five vacation rentals and they’ve all gotten one.The WNDR3800 is based on an Atheros AR71xx chipset, versino 1.6.1.When I put that into the download finder tool, I was able to find the gargoyle_1.6.1-ar71xx-generic-wndr3800image file. Once you’ve dowloaded it, disconnect entirely from the internet and connect to your router directly with a cable. On the Netgear router, it’s going to want to run you through a setup wizard. I decided to try “admin,” then “adminstrator,” then “password.” Bingo!

After a few years of dealing with continual problems with bandwidth limits on our satellite internet network, it was imperative to find a way to institute daily bandwidth limits.When we don’t do that, guests who stay at our vacation rental at the beginning of the month can use up all the bandwidth so that there’s none left for guests at the end of the month, which makes for unhappy people.Gargoyle firmware, which can be installed on any Open WRT-compatible router was, in the end, an easy solution.A single hour of Netflix’s highest definition video is 7GB!Thus, a single movie is basically half of the month’s total for us.

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The problem is that we are on a satellite internet system which limits monthly usage. We switched to a new provider, Hughesnet, who gives us 10GB of anytime bytes and 10GB of “bonus” bytes for use between 2am and 8am.