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Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) are often identified by the marketing department at the start of the process when the company wants to foster interest in its products.

MQLs are typically passed on to sales teams once they have shown intent to buy, thus becoming SQLs.

The difference between MQLs and SQLs is readiness to buy.

Companies assign different priority to various prospect actions, such as website activity or responses to marketing materials.

The internet makes it possible for sales professionals to reach an indefinite number of geographically diverse sales leads, but person-to-person contact can still be the best way to find sales leads in local communities.

For example, a salesperson looking for local sales prospects for a business-to-business service could find potential sales leads at community networking events in his field.

Like many industries, business has its own language and terms.The label is applied to a prospect that has gone past the engagement stage and is ready to be pursued for conversion into a full-fledged customer.What constitutes an SQL varies among and even within companies, marketing and sales teams often don't agree on how to qualify leads.Several are used interchangeably, even though they don't actually mean the same thing.This is the case with the terms "prospect" and "lead."A prospect is a potential customer that has been qualified as fitting certain criteria.

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In most cases, a prospect: Prospects don't have to have indicated an interest in buying. For example, if you sell virtual support services to small businesses, a prospect would be a small business manager (target market), that can afford your services, and who can make the decision to hire you.