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Are holly and josh dating

We’re really making great music, and I’m really excited to see what’s next. It’s just us up on stage in tuxes and dresses, sharing our gift.

We just keep doing this concert work, which I’m so proud of. With the number of production shows on the Strip, where does Las Vegas fit in with the musical theater community? But truthfully, I never even realized this about Vegas until I got here, but it is definitely an entertainment mecca.

And I think that it really offers a lot of excellent, excellent shows and excellent people who are so talented, and it’s really great to be a part of the entertainment community here.

You got your big break as the title character in Disney’s on Broadway. It has to be right for you and the producers, and the stars have to align.

I think it’s always a challenge and always exciting to play all kinds of different people.

Were you more excited to play a certain character in the show?

But this is more of our kind of homage to these artists and what they’ve done for the city and their talent. I open the show and do Wayne Newton and then move into the era of Frank and Sammy Davis.

I studied music in college, and is all pop and that type of thing.

How does it feel to be headlining your own Vegas show now? It definitely is not just me on that stage making it work out. We hang out probably several times a week, and I get to hang out and play with that beautiful little daughter of hers, Rainbow. I was going to ask how the arrival of Rainbow has changed things. You’ve put out a few singles in the past two years, “Report to the Floor” and “Last Dance.” When can we expect your debut album? What do you like to do during downtime in the city? I think that it’s such an amazing place to walk around and meet friends and go to lunches and that type of stuff. I mean, those are always fun, but I think it’s really cool to get out and see parts of Vegas that not many people get to enjoy or know about.

That was very appealing to me, that it was with so many talented people that I have a lot of respect for. I’d love to get into the studio and do some more music. So, you’re working with Disney again—can you divulge any details about what you’re doing? I’ve been doing some concert work with Ashley Brown, who was the original Mary Poppins [in the West End production of .

In early 2014, she became engaged to fellow musician Josh J. She ultimately lost The Voice 5 to Jamaican reggae vocalist Tessanne Chin.

Life As We Know It pairs Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as polar opposites forced to put their differences aside so they can raise their best friends’ orphaned child. JD: Yes, and I’d make sure that I wanted to be with them before we started dating. I knew it wasn’t the extra twenty pounds that turned him on.

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Katherine Heigl: [Laughs] I’ve actually never been fixed up. It was helpful then because we didn’t have to take them off the set all of the time. JD: I have an affinity for kids, and they seem to like me. But [Josh] was fantastic, working hard to get to know those babies, and I had to kind of do it cold, so they did not like me as much. The outfits that they’d put the triplets in for a scene my daughter might have come to work in that day.