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Another photo shows the duo swapping places with Ashley kissing Tyler's "second trimester" stomach.

And, finally, for the "third trimester," the blue-eyed babe is cradling a full-on baby bump while wearing a While the bump will definitely make you do a double-take, the simple fact that a woman cannot go from first trimester to third trimester in the span of an hour makes it pretty clear that Benson was just goofing around. Plus, the stars explained it was just a food baby on their Snapchats.

I also didn’t think Aria and Jake were endgame, and yet I rooted for them all the same. She’s gorgeous, she’s a wino, and she’ll do anything — bribing a cop, stealing from an elderly bank client, etc. Maybe it’s because she’s got red hair too, or because I know Laura Leighton was on know, Julie Cooper was the platonic ideal of a woman you love to hate, or hate to love.

She was evil, conniving, and unlike Ashley Marin, really bad at parenting, but you could never truly detest her because you knew she had a hard life, and Melinda Clarke was just so fun to watch. Remember that time she flirted heavily with her ex-husband when he thought his new fiancée was about to dump him?

Remember Alex, Spencer’s country club paramour who left her for tennis camp, or maybe Jake, Aria’s martial arts beefcake who really loved the franchise?Consider this scene where Caleb visits Ashley in prison, while she’s there for … Even as they’re discussing Hanna’s well-being, Caleb manages to compliment Ashley.“I think [Hanna] gets a lot of things from you,” he and onscreen love interest Tyler Blackburn.One photo showed Benson kicking back on the couch and flashing her midriff with Blackburn planting a sweet kiss on her tummy.

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However, these fans certainly believed the baby news and totally freaked out on Twitter...?!

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